Sevastopol is not only the most famous city of Crimea. It’s the city of military glory and worship with rich history. It is an extra popular place of the resort. Soft climate and luxurious architectural heritage attract here rather the most sophisticated tourists.

Graphskaya marina

Graphskaya marina is a heart of Sevastopol. It is situated in the center of the city. There are almost all cultural monuments here. You can go on excurutsion from this place by sea in order to have a look at streets of the hero-city.


Ravelins are military munitions. There are 3 of them saved at the moment. They are Konstantinovsky, Mikhailovsky,Peter and Pauls’ ravelins. There is a collection of pictures about Sevastopol and the Black Sea Fleet in Mikhailovsky ravelin. Besides, you can hear cannon-shot every day at midday, which is seen from any spot of embankment.

Stonehenge of Sevastopol

There’s a monument in surroundings of the city which was made by savage. It looks like famous all over the world archaeologic masterpiece «Stonehenge». These constructions are called as skele menhirs. It is vertically situated boulders from marbleized limestone. This monument is a result of conscious constructive activity of human.

Eco-park «Lukomorye»

If you spend your holidays in Sevastopol with children you should attend eco-park «Lukomorye». Youngsters are able to spend their time with pleasure and benefit in this amazing place. There is a range of museums on the territory of the park: museum of marmalade, museum of ice-cream, museum «Injun in the world of cocoa and chocolate», museum of soviet childhood and exposition «Space calling».