Few people know that the Crimea is not only the soft sun and warm sea, but also the magnificent lavender fields, which are in no way inferior to the famous French. To look at this lilac miracle, crowds of tourists come here to take a look at the largest lavender field in Europe.

Since ancient times, lavender has become one of the most beloved flowers of mankind. It is believed that the Egyptians became its discoverers, and in Egypt the plant was used as incense and used to make embalming ointments. Later noticed and medicinal properties of lavender. For example, Hippocrates believed that these flowers heal the liver and spleen, can help with headaches. In the Middle Ages, the flowers of lavender began to be used in the manufacture of perfumes. And during the First World War, lavender essential oil was smeared with wounds. Nowadays, lavender is used in various fields of activity: perfumery, medicine, chemistry, etc.

When lavender blooms in the Crimea - it is difficult to answer, because it depends on the weather and other factors. Often, this occurs from the second half of June to the end of July, and then the huge fields are covered with fluffy lilac carpets. It is known that the largest lavender field in Crimea occupies more than 120 hectares, and this plantation is more than 25 years old. It is located in the Bakhchsarai district in the village of Turgenevka.

 If you want to visit the fields by car, it’s easy to find the coordinates. In addition, there are special tours. For example, Alushta Aromatic Plant conducts excursions during the flowering period of lavender, and organizes it in retro style, and private guides will show you viewing platforms and take you to cozy teahouses near the plantations.