Panticapaeum is the ruins of the ancient Besporsky kingdom and one of the most famous monuments of the Crimean peninsula. Everyone gathers here: scientists and tourists who is personally examine the remains of the once magnificent temples, residential quarters, tombs, royal palaces and fortress walls.

The history of this city began in the second half of VII century BC, when Greek settlers inhabited these lands. Panticapaeum was a huge, beautiful and powerful city, occupying an area of ​​about 100 hectares. It flourished over the centuries, having become both an independent trading state and a puppet of the Roman Empire. However, by 371, the city was completely destroyed by the Huns, and since then the vast territory of the city remained abandoned for several centuries, until the appearance of the present Kerch.

Work on the excavation of the ancient city began in the middle of the XIX century. They are not authorized by seekers of legendary treasures. A few decades later, treasure hunters destroyed those remains that they did not manage to destroy the Huns, nature, and the locals. To date, the best-preserved part of the city (more precisely, what remains of it) is located on Mount Mithridates. There are here several ancient tombs of kings are preserved intact.

Go to the city station to get to the ruins of Panticapaeum. Take the route number 5 or 28 and go to the stop "Lenin Square". Then you will have to walk.