Mount St. Peter or Ai-Petri is the heart of the southern coast of Crimea.

Tourists come here from all over, because you don't have to climb here yourself. A comfortable funicular will lift to a dizzying height in a matter of minutes, and you will see a flat plateau instead of sharp teeth of a mountain.

The view from the mountain is extraordinary: everything is covered with clouds, a small piece of land is barely visible through the haze of whiteness, and near the horizon is the blue cover of the endless sea.

At the top there are a lot of entertainment: the oriental bazaar, where you can buy products from wool, oriental skewers, herbs, tea, oriental sweets, spices; horse riding, many restaurants and cafes with Tatar cuisine. Here you can take a walk, get a couple of warm scarves, weigh a paprika bag and choose the best pieces of baklava.