Wednesday, 17 August 2016
Your trip with the book is getting even more interesting!


The book Evaluation of Personnel Effectiveness , answers the most urgent question asked by executives: How to make sure that employees are proactive, manageable and efficient? The technique was developed by Konstantin Harsky and used in the hospitality industry in many hotels, which continues to bring positive results.

How to grow rich in the restaurant business  book by Pierre Nierhaus and Jean Georges Ploner - famous restaurateurs and consultants in field of restaurant business in Germany, was awarded by German Gastronomic Academy and is publishing on Russian for the first time. 

Books published by Hospitality School may be useful not only for restaurateurs and hoteliers. Easy presentation of information, colorful  examples and unique techniques will inspire you to new achievements and victories!

Each book costs 600 rubles and you can find both of them at the reception desk in Optima Sevastopol, or to order on the website.