Monday, 26 August 2019
Optima Sevastopol becomes Atlantika Hotel

Do you know the history of Optima Sevastopol Hotel?

Back in 1976, the Inter-Flight Rest House for Seamen of the Sevastopol Sea Port, under the famous name “Atlantika” was located in the hotel building. Here, sailors could relax and sleep well after sailing.

Well, we thought and decided to return to the roots. In this regard, the hotel was rebranded, and soon Optima Sevastopol will become an Atlantika hotel! We remain the same: both OPTIMAL prices and the level of European service. But we decided to upgrade to take it one step further and become even better for our guests. Our new logo will now include three colors: blue is the color of the sea, which in Sevastopol is inextricably associated with ships; yellow is a page in the history of the hotel under the name Optima; gray is the calm and balance that our staff provides to its guests.

In the last week of summer, we turn over another page of history to say, “Welcome to the Atlantika Hotel!”