Tuesday, 29 August 2017
Optima is a comfortable hotel for travellers and business tourists!


The hotel is situated optimally according to the remoteness of the downtown and airport. However, it will be much more comfortable for you to choose a transfer for getting to the hotel. «Optima Sevastopol» advises you to use this service. You can get detailed information by following number: +7 8692 410 999. It is possible to get around the peninsula quickly by rent a vehicle in car park РАЦИО rent a car. You can get the keys of your automobile not leaving a hotel. For more detailed information: www.raziorent.com.

Delicious breakfast meal is available for you on a Swedish breakfast table. There are also variants of tasty lunches and dinners in menu of restaurant. You will be pleasantly surprised by special season novelties and dishes of European and the Black Sea cuisine. 

Undoubtedly, hospitable atmosphere of hotel will be kept in your sweet memories. «Optima Sevastopol» is a European level of service at a reasonable price.