Friday, 17 January 2020
How to plan a banquet?

1. Define the budget. A great banquet can be held at a limited cost. First, pay attention to the cost of renting the hall, then food and drinks, and only then entertainment for the guests.

2. Select a date and time. Do not set the meeting time too early or too late. Have you decided to have a banquet on a weekday? Allow enough time for guests to get ready and get to the place without rushing after work.

3. Plan your banquet menu. To get started, consider the profile of your guests and determine their preferences. They can be based on age, occupation and even interests. A wide range of dishes will help guests choose exactly what they want to eat.

4. Create a seating plan. The most common are the following schemes: Common table, U-shape, Herringbone and T-shape. Remember the capacity of the banquet hall also depends on the chosen option.


When planning a banquet, consider choosing one of the modern halls of the Atlantika Hotel. We are ready to hold an event of any format, as well as provide professional support for the holiday. You can plan a menu of the offered dishes yourself or take advantage of the help of our chef. To learn more about banquets at the Atlantika Hotel, please contact us at +7 8692 410 999